Increase the safety of your children during car transportation.

Child Car Safety mobile app which improves the way in which the parents can insure the safety if their children during car transportation by raising awareness on the importance of using a suitable car seat which is proven that it can make a difference between life or death.

The main functionality: verification of the car sear made easy for parents. Scan the orange label on the bottom of the seat to find out if it is suitable for the age and body size of the child and if it's safe seat in accordance to the european standard. Among the various tips & tricks that can be found in the app, the parents can learn how to properly install the seats in the correct safely-oriented manner.

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About the project

Child Car Seat Safety is a mobile app with the main purpose of raising awareness regarding the importance of using good car seats for the safety of their children.

The main functionality is the verification function that helps the parents to check if a seat is safe for the child.Besides the tips & tricks that can be found in the app, the partners in the application can help them to properly install the seats.

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Our partners

The integrated project "Beloved Child on Board" brings innovation in the integrated approach to the traffic safety of children during transport by creating the first Multi-sectoral Working Group on the Traffic Safety of Child Passengers in Motor Vehicles.

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Personalised recommendations

Considering the child’s weight, height, and age, a recommendation is made to help parents to identify the correct car seat type. The focus is on the safety the car seat provides, so the parents will be guided by prioritising this aspect of the seats first.


Seat verification

Easy check of the seat conformity and match with the child by label scanning and manual input to cover most of the cases where the label might not be visible or missing.


Create children profiles

Receive recommendations and check the seats according to each child’s needs, by creating profiles for each of your children within the family account.


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Personalize your in-app experience The app responds to your needs and preferences, so set your personalized settings regarding notifications, account sharing, and more, all conveniently available within the app’s configuration menu.

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Our commitment

We aim to help increase compliance with child restraint systems (CRS) use through enforcement and awareness efforts on child passenger safety in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.The focus is on:

• strengthening awareness efforts around CRS in children aged between 4 and 10-year-old in Cluj-Napoca, Romania by 2022

• increasing road traffic police enforcement on CRS use and data readiness to support expanded city level efforts on child passenger safety by 2022.

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